• 2013
    Han-Joon Kim, Hyeong-Tae Jou, Gwang-Hoon Lee, Ji-Hoon Na, Hyun-Sub Kim, Ugeun Jang, Kyeong-Yong Lee, Chang-Hwan Kim, Sang Hoon Lee, Chan-Hong Park, Seom-Kyu Jung, and Bong-Cool Suk
    Caldera structure of submarine Volcano #1 on the Tonga Arc at 21°09′, southwestern Pacific: Analysis of multichannel seismic profiling
  • 2012
    Youngseo Kim, Yongchae Cho, UGeun Jang and Changsoo Shin.
    Acceleration of Stable TTI P-wave Reverse -Time Migration with GPUs. Computers & Geosciences. Computers & Geosciences, Accepted.
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