Buffer와 I/O 성능..

Improving I/O Performance

Intel® Fortran Compiler XE 13.1 User and Reference Guides, OPEN: BUFFERED Specifier

당연한 말이겠지만 file input/output할때 loop문 사용하는 것은 최대한 지양하고 (물론 큰 배열을 통짜로 읽다보면 언젠가는 segmentation fault error를 맞겠지만) 왠만하면 buffer를 사용하면 빨라진다.
거기다가 binary가 짜응.

To enable buffered writes (that is, to allow the disk device to fill the internal buffer before the buffer is written to disk), use one of the following:

    The OPEN statement BUFFERED specifier
    The -assume buffered_io (Linux*) or /assume:buffered_io (Windows*) option of the ASSUME command
    The FORT_BUFFERED run-time environment variable

-assume buffered_io를 사용하는 것은 추천하지 않는다.


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