Rounding is a procedure for choosing the representation of a real number in a floating point number system. For a number system and a rounding procedure, machine epsilon is the maximum relative error of the chosen rounding procedure. Why doesn’t my application always give the same answer? #/bin/bash # # -depth: This option specifies the image resolution to store while encoding a raster image # or the canvas resolution while rendering (reading) vector formats such as Postscript, # PDF, WMF, and SVG into a raster image. # The default resolution is 72 dots per inch, which is equivalent to one […] Amos, D.E., “A Portable Package for Bessel Functions of a Complex Argument and Nonnegative Order,” Trans. Math. Software, 1986 fortran90코드의 계산값과 matlab결과값을 비교한 그림입니다. This figure shows the self-written Fortran 90 program’s results of Bessel function of third kind(Hankel funcion). The result has the difference with Matlab’s besslh function of ~ 10^-14 […]

생각보다 귀찮아서 제가 필요한 만큼만 딱 subroutines으로 만들어서 배포합니다. 코드는 이메일로 사용목적(ex. 학생이다 등등)을 간단하게 알려주시면 제가 판단해서 보내드립니다. ps) real(kind=8) 값이 정상적으로 입력되려면 compile할때 intel fortran complier의 경우에는 -r8 옵션을 주어야 합니다. 아래 두 예제에서 real(kind=8)로 선언된 dx값을 비교해보시면 무슨 이야기인지 감이 오실 듯. :D 예제 1. -r8 옵션이 없는 경우 [worker@local]$ ifort -o […]

Collino, F. & Tsogka, C., 2001. Application of the perfectly matched absorbing layer model to the linear elastodynamic problem in anisotropic heterogeneous media. GEOPHYSICS, 66(1), pp.294–307. Available at: equation (20) and (21) for heterogeneous isotropic elastic medium. equation (23) and (xx) for homogeneous anisotropic elastic medium. Collino, F. & Monk, P., 1998. Optimizing the […]

acoustics 공부를 좀더 해봐야겠다.


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